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Sound Quality – Hear the difference

The band is committed to providing a quality experience for every gig and take great pride in being able to deliver an awesome sound wherever we play. Over the years we have invested in some of the best equipment money can buy and we know how to use it. Many of our customers are surprised to learn that it usually takes us one and half hours or more to set-up before each gig. But we don’t like to compromise on sound quality and we think it’s worth putting in that extra effort. All gig venues are different and room acoustics can drastically affect sound quality. Using our state-of-the-art, 24 channel mixing deck we can make subtle adjustments to individual volume and EQ settings to enrich the sound and cut-out feedback, making the most of every venue whether it be a small village hall, a marquee or a large outdoor festival. We have also invested in wireless “in-ear” monitors which help to keep stage volumes low and provide a personal mix to the wearers. It also lets us wander around the stage!

The band recently upgraded its PA system and now use 500W Electrovoice digital speakers. In our opinion, the clearest, sweetest full-range sound we ever heard. Paired with our two EV bass subs the sound is nothing short of awesome!

The Late Shift currently use the following:

Yamaha 24 Channel mixer

Behringer 24 Channel backup mixer

2 x Electrovoice Sxa360 digital 500Watt RMS each Powered speakers

2 x Electrovoice Sba760 Subwoofers – 760Watt RMS each

LED stage floods

2 x LED Rear stage washes

Shure Beta microphones

Each of the band members also invest in quality instruments which include renowned suppliers such as Fender and Gibson as well as top-of-the-range amplification from Marshall and Mesa-Boogie.

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